Abacus & Vedic Maths:

Abacus is the right programme for your child. It is an entire Brain Development programme for children aged 3 to 12 years for using Arithmetic as a medium and an Abacus as a tool. Vedic Maths is a programme for children aged 9 years and above.
We help you to discover the genius within your child.

Our Programme will help your child to enhance -

Fast Calculation & Accuracy: This program is all about speed & accuracy through constant practice & the child improves not just in arithmetic but in the overall performance.

Concentration: Raises the level of his/her Concentration

Confidence: Removes fear of Maths and increases his/her confidence in calculation.

Listening & Writing Skills: Increases his/her writing speed & sharpens listening skills.

Presentation: Constant practice improves presentation skills of the students

Imagination: Constant practice builds their brain. The Abacus is withdrawn from them but they are expected to work with an imaginary abacus and thus constant practice helps sharpen the imagination skills of students.

Creativity: Constant practice develops their creativity, logical thinking & interpretation.

Our Courses

For Abacus –
Age Group: Jr. KG  & Sr. Kg.
(8 Semester + 4 Advance)
Dur. 18 Months (Apprx.) - 1 hour

Age Group: 1st Std - Above
(6 Semester + 4 Advance)
Dur. 18 Months (Apprx.) - 1 hour

For  Vedic Maths -
Age Group: 14th Std - Above
(4 Semester)
Dur. 8-10 Months (Apprx.) - 1 hour

Our features
• Examination after every semester
• Certificate for every semester
• Program kit will be provided
• Complete individual attention               
• Qualified & Experienced Faculty                                                           
• Limited Students per batch                     
• CCTV Monitored Classroom & Outside Premises
• Regular Parents Teacher interaction   
• Fully AC classroom

Batches Timing:
Weekdays – Monday to Friday – 9.30  - 10.30am
Weekends - Saturday & Sunday - • 10.30am - 11.30am   • 11.30am - 12.30pm